Jonathan Green

Synth and sampler programming

Synth and sampler programming

Using specially written re-sampling software, I can transfer old synth and sampler patches to modern industry-standard sampler software. Unique effects and idiosyncrasies can be accurately captured, faithfully replicating the sound and feel of classic synths and samplers.

Live electronics

I first began writing live electronic music in 2003 whilst studying composition abroad. I enjoyed navigating the seemingly limitless musical opportunities it offered. Soon after, I began assisting professional composers, and have been performing and updating existing pieces ever since.

I am an expert in using Max/MSP and Puredata with twenty years experience. I used to teach Max/MSP and live electronics performance at Birminghan Conservatoire.


Performing live electronics

I have been lucky enough to perform seminal live electronic works with some magnificant performers over the years. Highlights must include performing Jonathan Harvey's Fourth String Quartet with the Arditti Quartet at the Aldeburgh Festival and Bird Concerto with Piano Song with the composer at the Warsaw Autumn Festival, Pierre Boulez's Anthémes II in the presence of the composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mikrophonie II with the London Sinfonietta and Kontakte with Colin Curry and Nicholas Hodges.


Updating live electronics

Technology needed to perform live electronic works can become obsolete and difficult if not impossible to acquire for a particular performance, or software may no longer work on a modern computer. If this is the case, the only option is to update the electronics so a piece of music can be performed with today's (and tomorrow's) technology.

When updating a work authenticity (musical as well as technical), longevity (will this version work in twenty years time?), and reliability are of paramount importance. It is also important not to impair the musicality of live electronic performance by automating everything in software and reducing a performance to merely pressing the space bar occasionally.

Updating involves documenting the original electronics to find out what they did (often not a small task, involving much detective work), building new software simulations of obsolete hardware/software, and faithfully transferring synthesiser parts to industry standard sampler software. The score usually needs to be updated to reflect the new, hopefully simpler, technology, and detailed instructions need to be written.